All Natural from the Aegean Sea

Mediterranean Sea Bass (Branzino), a farmed sea raised European fish has a firm, moist white flesh.

Normally served whole, 75% percent of the time customers ask to have the head removed prior to serving and there is usually alot of meat left on the plate as the consumer struggles to separate the meat from the bone.

Now available in 3 "Chef" cut fillet sizes, our Branzino  is all natural, farmed raised and 100% edible!

Rich in omega 3s and ocean friendly,the fish have no genetic modifications and are fed an all-natural feed with no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMOs, no colorants, and no land animal byproducts. The fish are not pushed to grow faster, as many farms do, but are allowed to grow at nature’s pace. This results in a better food conversion rate and a better, healthier fish.