Harvest of the Sea was one of the early pioneers of importing farm raised seafood from Asia almost 40 years ago. Today, many of our partner relationships are now entering their 3rd generation. Due to these close ties our exceptions for our partners to meet or exceed our quality standards are clearly understood and practiced with pride.



Our quality assurance department has visited and help create and implement many of the global standards that today commonly practiced. All of our seafood must be fully traceable to the source, audited by our own team and a 3rd party and most importantly that each package meet our rigid criteria for accuracy. We pride ourselves on our truthful disclosure of all ingredients.



With dedicated resources to drive customer conversion and penetration our regional managers oversee a national network of brokers along with key market are managers. Our strategy is to train and educate our customers, offer new innovative products and create successful, incremental sale opportunities utilizing new digital and social marketing platforms.

As a member of the Global Aquaculture Alliance, Harvest of the Sea adheres to the Aqua~Culture Certification Council's "Best Practice" model in order to maintain the viability of aqua~cultured seafood.