What sets our Seamami Shrimp apart from the rest?

Our Seamami Shrimp are free of added Phosphates and Sulfites.These shrimp are clean, firm, with a natural texture and bite that does not take away from the sweet, delicate flavor that shrimp raised right are supposed to have.

So here’s the Seamami story.  The variety of our Seamami Shrimp is called Vannamei, a white shrimp that has become recognized for it’s quality by top chefs around the world! Within hours of being harvested, our Seamami Shrimp are cleaned, sized, inspected for wholesomeness and then flash frozen.

We only use selected producers located throughout Southeast Asia that are known for responsibly producing shrimp both environmentally and socially. In fact, we are able to provide you with true traceability direct to the farm and the date that these shrimp in this very bag were harvested.

Now, as you prepare your appetizer or entrée, not only will you appreciate the mellow sweet flavor and easy adaption to many recipes, you will see the difference on the center of the plate. Free of added phosphates and sulfites, sweet and firm Seamami Shrimp will absolutely be the shrimp of choice for the discerning chef!